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Eskabubble offers a dynamic range of professional Marketing Consulting, Custom Programs, Contract Services, and Marketing Support Services to Clients and Partners in the U.S. across multiple business sectors.  Confidentiality is always pledged and maintained.  Initial consultations and quotes are free.


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To aspire and achieve with integrity and heart.



To be a positive and productive force on behalf of our Clients, Partners, and Team.



All services performed will be family-friendly with safety at the forefront, meet contracted requirements, completed on time and within budget, produce high-quality results that exceed expectations, and leave lasting positive contributions within our communities.



Eskabubble dedicates the majority of its private resources toward pro bono consulting, equipment loans for fundraisers, drastically-reduced fees, and donations in support of nonprofits and public-private projects designed to benefit and support children and their families.



Eskabubble was founded in 2010 by Monica R. C. Ward.  Relevant multi-industry career expertise areas include Development, Management, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Sponsorships, Promotions, Events, Productions, Entertainment, Programming, Installations, Training, Safety, and Synergy, as well as span more than 5,080 projects successfully completed as of January 1, 2014.


Whimsical Name

A collection of true untold stories goes back several decades to a curious can-do little girl with a big heart who had an imaginary bubble fish friend named Eskabubble.  For this new business adventure that called for its own special identity, name preference was unanimous among family, friends, and team.


Thank you all for your support!  Wishing you the best in your endeavors!


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